Royal Green Lawn & Ornamental Services can provide you with service for your entire landscape.

Our signature program is “The Royal Green Treatment” this includes monthly applications. Applications may include a balanced fertilizer with a high percentage of slow release nitrogen, pre and post-emergent weed control to help slow the weeds, insecticides to treat for insects such as chinch bugs or sod web worms, and minor disease control at the proper times of year.

We feel that the more times we are on your property the less problems you will have. With monthly treatments our qualified technicians are at your property often enough to keep a close watch on your lawn and are able to better control insects and weeds before damage occurs. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques with each application.

Other services we offer to help with your landscape needs are:

  • Mole Control
  • Disease Control
  • Sub-Surface Insect Control ( Mole Crickets & Grubs)
  • Fire Ant Control: One Year Guarantee
  • Soil Testing
  • PH Control
  • Residual Chinch Bug Control
  • One Shot Applications

With Royal Green Lawn & Ornamental Service you can expect a hassle free service that allows you to enjoy your landscape without doing the work. We follow the Best Management Practice for our industries in the material we use to keep you and the environment safe for all of us. Combined with you and your maintenance company we can work together to give you the best landscape possible.

“Doesn’t your lawn deserve the ROYAL treatment?”

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